Pond of tears

Sometimes we just need to let things go. The tight chest, the heavy breathing... Are all signs that something is about to blow up with our emotions. This can lead to a bad outcome and to prevent that we need to vent, we need to express what we feel, what we think, and having people … Continue reading Pond of tears

Satisfied Emotions

There is a point in our lives where we realize when we become satisfied with who we are. The process of reaching this is a long one for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or any mental illness. This isn't impossible, I am witness reaching this for a short moment, yet this is still a … Continue reading Satisfied Emotions


"The examination or observation of one's mental or emotional process" such a deep word for something so important. We all need to introspect all the time, problem is that we don't. We look at others and compare our individual lives to others. Not what works for others will work for us. This is the importance … Continue reading Introspection

First blog post, because I need it!! ( reblog)

4 years ago I wrote my first blog and this is it. If you compare with the rest... wow what a journey have I traveled. I welcome you to read my first blog post. Around two years ago, i had a break down, little I knew that it was going to change my life forever. … Continue reading First blog post, because I need it!! ( reblog)

Drifting away

It isin't easy to set habits. Some say that it takes 21 days to set an habit, I say it takes more. Perhaps each one of us is way to different to determine a day to exactly say "you've unlocked a new habit" wish there was. I will admit that I am not a very … Continue reading Drifting away

Reaching out

It's been 3 months since I started my rehabilitation program of anxiety depression and suicide attempts. It's early to say that im cured, but I can tell how this process has changed my perspective of how to see life. It’s not easy to think everyday that it will be the last day you breathe or … Continue reading Reaching out

Our happiness.

There are moments in our life, that we hit rock bottom. The life that we envisioned was shattered by reality or other factors. Many say: "just get up and learn from it". What about when we invested time, work, tears, and/or money into something or someone that just does not value it?. We, light beings, … Continue reading Our happiness.

Inhale in… and Exhale…

Since the moment we are born our lungs work by themselves, to breathe. It is the body's mechanism to make all the organs work properly. Breathing brings oxygen to our blood to allow our heart to be healthy. I won't go to deep in the anatomical, I am not that knowledgable in that part of … Continue reading Inhale in… and Exhale…

Words that want to be written.

Each word that we think is not said or wrote. This is a fact that we all experience and sometimes it can become frustrating since others speak a thousand words per second. I for instance, sometimes I speak a lot, yet sometimes I feel that I am not being understood so I speak even more. … Continue reading Words that want to be written.

Winds of Change

There is not even one person on this planet that does not have a bad day. Yet many successful people know how to deal with these bad days. But how? "Things have been going bad for year's and I m just rolling with it..." This is the mentality that will set you up for another … Continue reading Winds of Change