The gut feeling

Not only psychics can see further on to the future, sometimes the gut feel works better than the tarot cards or any divination tool. How is that? We are light beings, energy embodiments that interact with each other like the same voltage energy in an electric socket. The moment that we increase or reduce our … Continue reading The gut feeling

#6 The Lovers

Anit that a sweet name when we are in love? It is good to live and be reciprocated, but in the tarot, the lover's concept broadens more to the personal level. The loves are one of the cards you want to look for when you're looking for a yes in a question. Love is always … Continue reading #6 The Lovers

The Four Pillars of Life

As a tarotist and seer, we look at life with symbols. Sometimes, by simply seeing some actions, I can deduct things that will or can unfold by the symbols I see. I wont go into diverse or complicated subjects, I will go through The Four Pillars of Life. As tarogist readers, the tarot has 4 … Continue reading The Four Pillars of Life

#13 Death

Ever since I started my journey, I had been doing lots of research based on the things that I was feeling and seeing. Those things took months of accepting and coming together into what I can call been a spiritual person. The question right now should be spiritual how? Ever since I discovered the path … Continue reading #13 Death

La Estrella

En el tarot, la carta la estrella es una bien particular. Esta carta enfatiza entrar en tiempo, ir al camino correcto, seguir tu intuición. Esta carta te invita a parar todo y evaluar lo que no está funcionando. Siempre tenemos que tomar decisiones difíciles y tratar de que no nos afecte de manera negativa. Debemos … Continue reading La Estrella

Energy Absorption

Our bodies are like a vacuum of energies and depending on what you believe or feel, you receive and emit your energy. Sounds simple, but not everyone is attuned to feel it. From paranormal sensations, to deja vu our energies and the energies that surround us play an important factor. The question is; how can … Continue reading Energy Absorption

Embudo Cósmico

Nuestro universo, lugar que solo conocemos de lejos. Donde se reproducen miles y millones de olas electromagnéticas causadas por distintos acontecimientos. Estos pueden ser causados por explosiones de estrellas u otros factores. Estas energías viajan a velocida luz atra vez del cosmo, dejando a su paso rastros energéticos. Muchos dirían que estas energías vienen y … Continue reading Embudo Cósmico

Celestial Beings

Every time, every day, everywhere and everyone experiences the touch of a celestial being. That weird sensation, that sweet or smokey smell without a source. That wind that refreshes our memories and relaxes us. We are expecting the touch or the precence of a celestial being or a guardian. The question starts with what is … Continue reading Celestial Beings

Ties with the Planets Tumblr post art by Ink-metal-art About four thousand year's ago people have always looked into the sky to find reason's and meanings. They became more than just dots in the sky, they were important in navigation, also inportant for an empire's future. The zodiacs didn't appear until later, but the first astrologers made symbols … Continue reading Ties with the Planets

Looking up to the star

Ilustrated by Ally Fall Something so distant, yet with so much wisdom and teachings. The star isint just a dot in our vast space and universe. The star forms a path and even with the distance it iluminates and decorates our sky. The path traced between the stars isint just a random thing, each path … Continue reading Looking up to the star