The Four Pillars of Life

As a tarotist and seer, we look at life with symbols. Sometimes, by simply seeing some actions, I can deduct things that will or can unfold by the symbols I see. I wont go into diverse or complicated subjects, I will go through The Four Pillars of Life. As tarogist readers, the tarot has 4 courts these courts in basic reading define everything in a reading. Swords, cups, wands and coins or pentacles.

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

Swords. With the element of air or fire, swords tend to be very intelligent. They rule the mind and confusion of ourselves as they reveal our strongest mental suits. Swords are used not only to attack, but to defend and for centuries they had been a symbol of strengh and power.

Image from Pexel

Coins or pentacles. The tarot symbolizes the coins as abundance, but not only wealth and economy. Abundance in love, in creativity or many other ways of abundance. With the element of earth, coins pave way for greatness as long as your foundations are solid. Be wary of those who are around you for your wealth and goods, you never know who the people are around you wanting what you have.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Cups. With the element of water, the emotions flow like a sea of happines, sadness and sorrow. Sometimes controlled, sometimes out of control. Cups are driven by the heart and warmth of it. Some people may not feel the same warmth of love, yet they search for it with others.

Photo by Designdrunkard from Pexels

Wands. Air or fire which one creates more or best? It isn’t clear how good or bad things can get, as long as the creativity shines, it will be worth it. A creative mind always thrives over those who think themselves smart. Creativity can be the evolution of intelligence in a more… lets say physical not so physical form. Someone with the creative mind and life can persuade others into believing  his words just because of creative wording.

Now, how are these the pillars of life? Our lives are divided between what we feel, what we think, what we have and what we want. These four courts bring life to our needs in simple rulings, each of them with an element of representation just to know how strong these are. Speaking of elements each of us has an element of both given by our zodiac although our actions and desires have their own elements how does this work? The answer is simple… how bad you want it?

Our lives hang on different strings although, we all are measured by the same pillars. Some may say it isn’t fair, yet life isn’t fair itself, why would we think that things will change suddenly for our benefit without giving something in exchange. Sometimes this exchange is work, love, and a lot of time saving and preparing. Life does not grant things without putting the effort to them. Always work hard for what you want, always be greatful of what you have. Value those that surround you and remove those that dont attribute anything positive to your life. Live by the rules taking in consideration the pillars of life. Never be too greedy, never be selfish, never be coldhearted and never stop dreaming.

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