Your own Power

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We humans are capable of so many things. We see our genius or freaks those that can do what others can’t do, you see our amazing when others can create a whole world of imagination. These small details are what makes us stand out from the rest, this is Your Own Power. Ever since the existence of mankind, we had feared what we dont understand, we bury what we dont know and hide what you dont want others to see. I keep bringing the we since I did/do this as well. We manipulate and try to control what we have instead of exploring its potential and use it to our benefit or the benefit of others.

Photo from Pexel

The era that we are in now, super heroes are in the buzz. Finally those who idolized comicbooks for years could freely speak outside a keyboard and bring facts of the thousand pages or lore and content they had read over the years. Our era looks up to those heroes and make them inmortal in the movies and books. Now, how about real life heroes? Many say our Officers, Nurses and Doctors, even our Teachers are heroes since they all bring values together and use their position to serve and protect everyone. Although, there maybe more. You see, we all have power within our selves and is there for the taking. Do think of power as something unrealistic, think of something more down to earth.

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  • Determination: a fine power that resides within everyone yet some falter to grasp it. You can achieve anything when you set your mind to it.
  • Perseverance. The power of never giving up. How stubborn are you? Do you know when you are fighting a lost cause?
  • Imagine. The power of creativity. Create new worlds and super powerful storylines that can impact an audience with the correct content.
  • Love. Indeed it is a power dont mistake love with lust,live to those that you dont even know showing acts of selflessness just for the love of humanity makes this a worth mentioning power.

Those are some of the most important powers that we all have. Of course there are more, yet we have to find them our selves. Look inwards through meditation or soul search. What is that you desire the most?

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Among all the powers we deal with energies. These energies are vital and important cause they affect others either in a positive or negative. We all can emit energies that can travel thousands of miles ( with practice) and connect with other people. We posses this power. The power of divination or how some call it ” The gut feeling” it is incredible how we seers, practitioners of the divination tools and the stars can see and channel to and with whom isn’t near. Know what others dont know, hear what others cant hear and see what the simple eyes cant see. Many fear us with these talents others seek for us even in silence. All because they know that our power is real and we work our lives to make it better and more accurate.

Those who I speak of, us; the light workers, who dedicate our lives to serve and help with our energies, time. We love what we do even if it hurts. Helping others find a way or at least ease the pain. Each lightworker has a style and a capacity, we all know our limits and work to expand them each day. All we need is your support and believe in our craft and work.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Always believe in the power that is within you to help others. Always be greatful of everyday that you are using your power for good. You are one of us, you are just starting to believe it.

2 thoughts on “Your own Power

  1. Agreed. Im a big believer in the law of attraction and I love “Neville Goddards” interpretation. We really have so much more power than we give ourselves credit for and it’s a matter of us choosing to tap into it.

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