The Importance of Creating a Healthy Habit.

Sometimes, our lives run faster than what we can imagine. Things around us happen and we reach the point of blockage and just simply cant react any more. Our lives just simply get off track and we dont know how to get back on a healthy lifestyle. Some are able on their own, others… not so much and it isn’t their fault.

Each one of us is completely independent and different with our actions and reactions. Imagine a train crash, all the cars are off track, the engine is busted. How can we fix this? First you put out the fires if any. Second look for the victims and attend them. After all fires are put out, slowly; carefully, grab each of the none severed cars and place them back on the rail. After placing all the good cars, if any, take them to the repair yard. All the other cars that were severely damaged, beyond repair are just taken away as trash or recycled for scraps, with new extra cars and new engine car you will be placed back onto the rail. It all depends on the damage on how long it will take. Now, how does the train relate to us, in creating an habit?

Life places all the cards and we are suppose to play  them, even when they are not matching. This is why the train is used as an example. Our lives sometimes drive off out of control and we have no idea when, how or where to start. This is when we reach for help and try to fix things. The problem is that sometimes the problem is too big or messy to wrap our heads around it. This is the reason why we need healthy habits to get us funcioning well. I wont lie, I am trying to apply this, yet I eat half a box of pizza today ( splitting it between two meals).  I was reading an article about how food can change your way of thinking and since im crazy for the holistic stuff. My curiosity went for what can a healthy life bring to your energy and why is it so important. I am no expert, not even close to being knowledgable in diets so I will keep this first point short and to a minimum. This does not mean it isn’t important.  So finally to the list The Importance of Creating a Healthy Diet.

  1. A healthy diet. I know you’ve heard this like a thousand times over yet, this is the true. A healthy diet helps cleanse your body from badcarbs or fat that only wears you down. Not going to lie, I got a lot of those. In my research for diets and energies, I read about Mediterranean diets whom are based on seeds and grains. These diets are used to cleanse the body and bring energy from the ground. Other cultures, forbid the consumption of meats for those that considered  them sacred and bring other meats and vegetables in their diet to make a balance. Diets come in many forms, same as us. Consult a nutritionist to see what type of diet suits best for your body structure.
  2. Workouts. It is no secret that workouts are one of the biggest keys into a healthy life. It helps you increase your stamina and build up a better version of yourself. I should get into this, but I am lacking of motivation among other things.
  3. Meditation/organization. It may sound weird to bring these two together, but in its essence, meditation is a way of organizing. Not only your soul, but your brain. Slow down, take a break, breath in, close your eyes and exhaled. Organizing your thoughts make you a better and quick thinker. Organization makes a clear picture of what you want and where you are going. This is why you meditate fix inwards and reflect outwards.
  4. Hobbies. These are essencial part of a healthy habit. You know, having something that you can share with others with the same interest. Having something that takes away the tears and the excessive thoughts, something that distracts you and disconnects you from the outside; a hobby. Our  lives are like the trains,explained above,waiting to crash. They follow the train tracks at high speeds and its just a matter of time before they break or crash. Life has to have entertainment and something that takes away and soothes the pressures of the everyday.
  5. Good sleep. Sleeping 8 hours as recommended is one of the basic rules on being active for a whole day. It is very important that you get at least 8 hours of rest just so you wake up with more energy, the following day and be able to last longer in each workout with a normal routine.
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia from Pexels

Life is more than than a race for success, in my opinion, life is only a luxury of opportunities that can be of benefit or deception. Its always up to us how far we take things and how far we deal with them. Learn to say yes, to say no and stand firm on your decisions make that your best habit of all those mentioned above. Why? Cause life is short!

Always be free

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