Energy Absorption

Our bodies are like a vacuum of energies and depending on what you believe or feel, you receive and emit your energy. Sounds simple, but not everyone is attuned to feel it. From paranormal sensations, to deja vu our energies and the energies that surround us play an important factor. The question is; how can we know which energy to allow to absorb? The answer to that is pretty much up there somewhere in the air. Why? Cause we are all different. Energy patterns very in every individual, its like a new universe inside each of us. We cannot explain to a 100% what is good and what is bad, because sometimes we may feel things that could be hostile to us, but for others it can actually be beneficial, lets call it tough love. What we do know is that keeping a grounded energy, mind and spirit are very important factors to protect yourself and be safe.

Lets talk about those last three in detail.

  1. Grounded energy: Ever since we wake up, our body boosts up a lot of energy. We get up, we stretch. Our energies are bursting from the calmness of our sleep and we don’t sometimes feel it in our bodies. But to achieve a grounded energy we must put at ease our minds before starting our day. Sit down in wherever position you’re most comfortable with. Empty your mind and calm yourself. Breathe in from your nostrils and exhale from your mouth with your eyes closed. This will calm your body, your mind and your energy. You might think, i just woke up why would I calm myself? Our bodies are active, including our energies during our sleep. This is the reason why sometimes we dont even feel rested after a full eight hour sleep. This exercise should be practiced at night aswell to calm our bodies and have a better sleep, although when we sleep we dont have full control of our energies.
  2. Mind: Our brain is our most fascinating organ which is still not fully discovered its full potential. This potential, many think that can be reached or unlocked by spiritualism. But to be honest, our task is to control it. Our spiritual side can be closed to none existant, but there is something there, for example, having faith in yourself and in your capabilities of doing things. But on the previous point, we look at how we calm our minds and energies. This is what we do to keep a peace and balance in our lives.
  3. Spirit: Our spirit is what resides within us and help us make better decisions. It separates good from wrong based on our moral views and experiences, it may seem biased, but we all seem to act on this in a way or another, it all falls in what perspective may be. Utilizing the first point of grounded energy, we have an option to calm the soul as we call our energies utilizing meditation. Many people believe that meditation is just the act of emptying your mind, but meditation is the act of reflecting and creating. Reflecting on what you desire and wish and creating a path for this to occur. This transcends more than just picturing a happy place with the sound of water, this is asking your self what you want and how you want it. As you calm your energies, making a clear picture of your goal and note that its singular will prepare you for this. You dont get prepared in one day, it takes weeks, months , years to reach a long term goal which you have been preparing yourself.

As our bodies calm and organizes its energies and thoughts, we begin to get a hold of our lives and of our energies, its like gaining a new ally or a new way of living. But what is living with a calm state or living with this new way? You will be more aware of the energies that surround you, you will be aware of the energy that you absorb. You see, as said above, we are absorptions of energies. I just explained how to deal with them. So what is next? That is what we do with the energy we absorb? There are many things and uses we could work with this energy. We receive or “absorb” energy through almost anything. But mostly from what we share with others, physical and none physical things. Energies can be used from a simple gesture, like a smile all the way to a good deed or something possive you do. This energy can be utilize for good and bad, because you might had received a good energy with the smile from someone, but you just ignored or frowned because of your bad day. You reciprocated negative energy to that person, although they gave a positive one.

This is where things get complicated. Sometimes we dont mean to bring such a negative attitude, these can manifest through fear or uncertainty. Its totally human to have fears and be vulnerable to a point that you generate a negative response to others good intentions. This is where you need to practice more of your energy grounding technique. Cause it calms your body it calms your mind and it allows you to receive a better feedback from those that surround you. Never fear to uncertainty when you arent alone. Always be optimistic and become the energy that others need to absorb.

14 thoughts on “Energy Absorption

  1. Hey!
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your content of your post. I think in today’s world, with all the chaos and trauma taking place that we need to be as aware of our energies as possible…And when you wrapped up in the end about unintentional manifestation…Wow! 👏👏👏✨🔮

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