Celestial Beings

Every time, every day, everywhere and everyone experiences the touch of a celestial being. That weird sensation, that sweet or smokey smell without a source. That wind that refreshes our memories and relaxes us. We are expecting the touch or the precence of a celestial being or a guardian.

The question starts with what is a celestial being? The answer to that may vary a bit depending on what do you believe in. It’s curious how humanity has existed for centuries and believed in so many entities. From the elements to nature, to the animals and the none visible beings. We always look for the strongest being to believe in. Now the next question is..

In what do you believe in? That is a very personal question yet, we all ask ourselves in a moment or two this question. Sometimes we get angry with our deities when problems occur. This is normal for not knowing the correct way. This takes us to look elsewhere or to dive deeper i to our current religion. In the end, we end up on top of most problems and have the opportunity to feel stronger and capable of surpassing any obstacle if we stay true to what we believe.

Celestial beings come in many ways. Embodiments of energy, shadows, shivers, visions, dreams… there are so many ways to call and connect with these beings that honestly I can barely put it into words. Calling an entity requires a lot of practice and meditation. Requires knowledge in what youre summoning and practice. Practicing the art and religion isint becoming a priest or any high rank in the chain of positions. Practicing envolves prayers, personal altars, and meditation, lots of it. Along the way, the celestial beings sometimes bring surprising outcomes. These outcomes are like… uhh lets say “bundle packs?”… Each celestial beings is thier own individual yet sometimes they have companions or linked beings that also help it. Your spiritual development. I for example, have a bull along with one of my Taíno guardians. The bull embraces the fortitude in me while the Taíno brings wisdom and serenity to my thoughts. Each guardian or celestial being has a purpose and a strength, it’s up to us to find and know which guardian can help you best for whatever you need.

To be clear, guardians are not tools, even if they are not physical, they deserve the respect for all their help. They are not deities or gods yet, they have abilities that mediums and spiritists use for their work. They arent the only ones who can call upon guardians. Almost everyone attuned to the energies that surrounds us, can summon and speak to a guardians. Sometimes, guardians even appear without being called during highly energetic vibrations resonating in our bodies or in deep meditations. This concept applies to celestial beings or gods. These require a lot more energy and they are only summoned for a shorter period of time. Normally, they are asked to do blessings and for offerings to them.

We all get the blessing and those around. But what does it mean to have the blessing of a god or goddess?It means that you have the privilege to aid on behalf of the diety. But what aid? Sometimes priest and priestess use this blessing during rituals and prayers to make the occasion more personal or sensitive and those who are sensitive feel the presense of the celestial being there. Next time you are there to witness the blessing of a celestial being, think of this, live the experience and give thanks to your god of choosing for allowing him or her to feel their presence.

Million blessings to all of you.

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