Ties with the Planets

About four thousand year’s ago people have always looked into the sky to find reason’s and meanings. They became more than just dots in the sky, they were important in navigation, also inportant for an empire’s future. The zodiacs didn’t appear until later, but the first astrologers made symbols of the the planets that they were able to see with the technology of the time.

At first, astrologers were only able to see until the 7th planet, Uranus. They were able to fit each planet and identify it as a blessing from the skies. Some where skeptical and interpreted these as ominous signs. Since they didnt believe that these were blessings. Emperors and aristocrats always had an astrologer near by. Even now days, astrologers are still in business to interpret the behavior of all the planets and their meaning. Each planet has a strength that makes its ruling. Earth, although it has it’s rulings. We live in it and use other divinations to interpret what does the planet tell us. Among the other planets, their rotations and time frames of visibility enables its properties. Years passed and all the zodiacs were created to bring the behaviour of the stars with the humans. Each zodiac, enables a resemblance in detail of what could the person may be experiencing during a time. It can mark their birth proximity. Stars move constantly and expand their reach, but also does our life and experiences.

Astrologers have designed a chart which combines every aspect of each planet, their simbols and their zodiacs. The question is what does this mean? The answer lies on the proximity of the planet to ours. You can say that it may sound self-centered, but here is the thing. Each planet has an electro magnetic effect that affects each and every organism to a degree. We know this since if we take for an example: the moon controls the water, its currents and waves with the proximity of it. The rest of the planets have the same effect, but since they are so far away we barely notice these changes.

Astrological charts may vary in ways depending on the place. But in essence, they mean the same. Every year there are changes and proximities that define months, years and/or days. Psychics, astrologers, seers, shamans; everyone connected to nature and the universe interpret these signs and changes and how they affect us all individually using their own tools.

Illustrated by Ally Fall

Astrology has become more than just a gaze into the stars. The beauty of a vast sky filled with stars, that inspire some and even spice the romanticism in some of us, could have so much meaning. Not all of us see the same as we stare at night… What do you see?

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