Looking up to the star

Ilustrated by Ally Fall

Something so distant, yet with so much wisdom and teachings. The star isint just a dot in our vast space and universe. The star forms a path and even with the distance it iluminates and decorates our sky. The path traced between the stars isint just a random thing, each path symbolizes a zodiac symbol, they speak the language of wisdom in our lifestyles. We are so diverse l, yet they still mold their wisdom to us. This is the reason why the star forms part of the tarot.

Ever since we have knowledge, we have made symbols and have used the stars as navigational purposes. The uses of the stars have saved lives and have helped so many of those who look for a way. In the cards this is no different, as part of the 22 mayor arcana in the tarot the star along with the moon and the sun look forward helping us with their message. As the short video above ilustrates, all 22 cards show a deep and unique message that serves as support for those who seek their wisdom. The star is no different and its meaning is very clear.

First evaluate your surroundings; we dont always know 100% what or who surrounds us and with the rush that the every day provides, sometimes we dont notice the small details that at first glance, they may seem harmless, but they drain us. The borden of. Worrying and carrying burdens that arent ours, taking care of what does not belong to us. All these energies combined, can just drop you down to feeling sick, to feel useless… By evaluating your surroundings, you can achieve so much. Why? Well that is because you will be weeding out these energies or at least know them and separate them. They wont be bothering you or not as much. Decide what you want to keep and what not.

Take control over what really matters to you, fake control of what is around you and take decisions regarding them. Life maybe short in the physical world and we must live without regretting moving something or someone before. This is the reason why you must take control and not let others lean on you and drain you, your resources and your energy.

The star always brings a path forward. Looking at them and conecting dots, in any form just simply we need to understand them. How? Simple, our paths arent always a straight line there is always a coneccion that leads you i to a different direction. The purpose is to make a shape or should I say, make a goal. All roads have curves and obstacles is up to our imagination where to go next or how to decipher our next move, or should i say clear the obstacles. I guess that by know you get the picture of what I mean.

Always follow your path, is unique. The star will always brighten your way throughout your life, just look up at night and behind the clouds and all the distractions, around the moon and over there are stars to iluminate your way. Just pick one to make it yours.

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