Entering the Cosmic Way

The stars, the cards, the runes and every divination way have a channel or a conductor. That conductor, of course, is the person of the seer who uses it. Now, when does this start? Is this a form of art? How can we get in touch with our other senses or higher self? So many questions but all the answers are within the person who uses it. No, I am not going to give a history class or write a monologue about myself. Yet, I am to explain some things on my perspective. Also, I am not going to talk my way into a religion, even though, I am not currently practicing any. Now, the Cosmic Way, is something more individual. Why? Cause it’s differently with each individual.

From the constellation with the zodiac signs, to the very soil that supports us. What I call the Cosmic Way, is incredibly vast. It’s more, far more, than just a brand; is a lifestyle, a way of expression and or a way of love. I’ve been a seer for several years now, and the knowledge never stops, because there are so many books; with so many different perspectives and in the end, they technically say the same thing in their own point of view. This is one of the interest things that some people dont get. Why would you read about the same thing explained differently? The answer lies in the experience. What was the personal journey to reach the conclusion this is the thrill of the Cosmic Way. The experience, the journey and the conclusion. Each time I do a tarot reading I look at the cards and make a some sort of a story. Sometimes sad, sometimes good, sometimes a little “rocky” or just straight to the point, real. It isn’t easy to deal with clients sometimes because of the story telling is mostly pulling nerves, at least now, with the whole distancing everything is alot easier since you just type all you want, then send. Problem of that is the touch, the feel the experience of feeling the entire energy, the chills, the heat and cold that energy might give you, it’s a real thrill.

Reading the tarot is one of the most common and known ways of divination and with practice they, yes they, can become a door way to the cosmo energy (Cosmic Way) it’s all a ride you take like a surfer taking a wave then standing with equilibrium on the board. Reading the tarot can give you all source of feelings. Starting with a whooping stack of 78 cards, 22 Mayor Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. You can tell that I respect these cards and numbers with a lot of enthusiasm. The reason is my purpose of doing so. Tarot readings can be focused and general, but in the end the reader can bring a message of style that can seal and impact anyone. Of course, this depends on the experience of the reader, that influences greatly the outcome of the reading. Messages and encouragement words are vital on the impact on the person, but that is where you know you connected with the person. The word changes, although they will pay, most readers I know, including myself; stood seeing the client as a “client” by the end of the session. You become their friend, their confident. After each reading, you conect with a person to a level of consciousness that brings out all the things that you might had been holding deep inside. Sometimes these things can have us readers be like “Nah it’s ok, dont pay me. Dont worry about it” that is where the love for this art comes from. I know that each reading is time consuming, is draining it’s time consuming, but all that just get ruled out the moment you connect.

The reach of the stars. It has become a trend or a social awareness in what zodiac sign are you and what are you like depending on the sign. This has awaken the interest of people in the works of astronomy and many other fields who I just cant mention due to lack of knowledge. What is important is the grasp of the stars. Each zodiac sign belongs to an element. 12 is broken down to 4. The use of the elements are what always help any astrologer identify and filter someone’s characteristics. Some can throw horoscopes every day and that is magnificent, very gifted. The question is, is that necessary? I don’t disregard the efforts of each horoscope writer, perhaps I feel that once a month can be more unique and efficient. Same as a tarot readings, it shouldn’t be made to the same person in more than a week or a month it all depends on the type of reading. And yes, the type of reading due to the different spreads and different techniques. Back to the constellations. Each constellation has it’s own way of telling a story. Some constellations maybe 5-18 connecting dots, yet they all behave differently due to the position of the moon, the earth and the star it’s self. They all aligne in different forms and patterns. The astrologer interprets these patterns and just write what he feels that pattern means for each zodiacal sign. Detail here is that sometimes, you dont have to be an astrologer to know these things…

The divination covers all the aspects and opens the door way to knowing things through the tools or guardians. Now the question is, what are guardians and why do we hear this a lot? The divination is the essence of the Cosmic Way. The guardians are what makes everything work together. From feelings, visions, sensations, voices and posession, guardians are the ones responsible to reach to the divination and tap into the energetic field that surround us. The connection is stablished throughout meditation and/or prayers. The sensations, voices, feelings or possessions are just a few of the diverse ways that guardians can manifest in a seer or reader. All guardians protect us even if we dont feelthem or see them. All we need to do is believe in ourselves

The Cosmic Way is diverse and full of enlightenment. Is up to each of us finding in what way does the Cosmic Way work for us. Look at your road in life and experience obtained, look at each adversity with an open mind. Always be greatful for what you have and what you dont, because you will always have something to look forward to. Welcome to Cosmic way by Amethyst.

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