Revival of a tree and a life!!

We all have a moment in our lives where everything just simply stops, everything begins to become uncomfortable and all we need is a way out or to change the actual situation. As our lives walk on this beautiful earth, we have life companions that sometimes we just don’t notice them. They are big and are responsible for the fresh air that we breathe, you know it, trees! Most of the time we are amazed by their beauty or height, we enjoy their fruits and decor our bodies and houses with their flowers. My question is, what do we do for the trees that fills us with amazement? Do we respect those living beings and live in harmony, around them, with them!? When I started my journey, about 2 years ago, I started at learning about these living beings that fill our lives with life (air). About two years ago, I described myself as a dead tree, a tree that couldn’t grow no more green leaves, with no beautiful flowers either delicious fruits. I grew for 26 years trying to expand my roots and trying to get new branches. I did bloom beautiful flowers, but as part of the cycle, they fell. My leaves grew green but they also fell eventually. Apparently, I could not find the nutrients needed to keep myself growing healthy, eventually got sick and dried out.

Ever since the feeling of drying in my soul stroked my life I began to look for possible ways to get back to my former self. While this search ended in just false hopes, the thought of think that I was just simply looking for something that didn’t exist anymore. My old self? Who I was? What I wanted? My goals? My desires? Everything gone… forever? Something sparked in my brain, something bloomed in emotions, in my heart! Time passed while I was down and the answer was around me. The answer was in putting my attention in the things that were small. Finding fascination in the things that people think that where useless or broken. I found love in things that were not loved anymore. One day, I bought a plant. This plant was simple, like any other plant. I sat in the middle of my living room and I began to talk to it, gave him a name and created a strong communication with this plant. I name him Groot just like the character in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. After a few weeks I kind of turned away from Groot, like the fascination began to fade away, like If he was not important to me or didn’t formed part of my life. I slightly became what I was but at the same time it felt like if my soul was crying once more. Once more my life was drying, Groot was drying as well. Every day I noticed that leaves began to fall one by one. I could not understand why. I watered Groot 3-4 times in a week as directed, he got the light needed. All what Groot was not getting was attention, my attention. I decided to move him from area so he got more light but at that moment the spark I felt once, it hit me once more. Realizing that Groot was trying to stablish communication with me the same way I did with him once. Clearly there were no words, just emotions. My tears flowed and I hugged my little plant. I promised Groot that I would talk to him every day. I began to water him, talk to him and even meditation with him. Groot is the root of my soul, who would had known, a plant being able to communicate with a human. On this day I tell you that nature is always trying to communicate with us. We are just too hard and proud to listen, maybe we are too hurt and don’t want to open up for something that could seem to be fragile. The strength that nature gives to us can be overwhelming, at least in my experience. Groot has been able to heal in a way that I would never imagine, getting taller, giving birth to new branches and his growth is not his only. Day after day I begin to feel more alive, I smile more, I appreciate the gift of life more. Groot is my example and my strength every morning. I advise you to get in touch with nature, feel, touch, grow your imagination and life. Extend your branches to new horizons and expand your roots to new ways! Be a big strong tree, “We are Groot”Finding hope in the simple things gave me a push into a new way of living. It may seem hard and weird to understand if you don’t know or if you have never experience a touch with nature. Nature is part of us and without it we wouldn’t be able to exist. Before humans and animals there were trees and they gave way for us to exist. Now days we are trying to live without them and that will cost us all. Without trees we won’t have clean air, without trees animals won’t have shelter or food. The rest of our vegetation will perish and us with it. Let’s protect our trees and live among them. They can live and help us grow and become one with the energies of the world. Take some time out, go to the store get a plant, communicate, give it love, give it time. Eventually it can even save your life the same way Groot saved mine.

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