Getting on up!

Ever been stuck inside your own body? Had you ever felt helpless to a situation that everyone says that only you can solve it? Sometimes, the thoughts that can cross our minds can be as challenging as the situations that create them. How can we reach the next level? How can we become stronger? How can we deal with this mental demon that drains us to despair and sorrow? For a moment in my life, I did fell down some hole where I am still trying to crawl out from. It has not been easy, it’s been 6 and a half years of this, but now I am more confident than before that I am capable to get out and can walk on the path of life again as what people may call “Normal life”. Getting up is a task to finding its self, a task to master your brain and thoughts, its breaking the chains of the world that are binding you and become who makes you happy. Sometimes we think that we have what makes us happy but in a reality, they don’t, in a reality this happiness are other peoples and you are just satisfying others but yourself. This blog speaks personally to anyone who is living controlled or tied by the boundaries of society and life. This blog was made to make others who live off making others happy to change their mind, their visions, their lives. We live for us, we were born alone, we die alone! We don’t need others to be happy. Become self-sufficient, the people that surround yourself with are just additions to your happiness but they cannot determine what can make you happy. Life is a gift, is an opportunity to become whole with each other, but before we become whole with others we must be whole with our selves. In previous blogs, I’ve wrote about how finding something to become your rock or foundation, check my blog called “Revival of a tree and a life”.

After you find your center, your rock, your foundation you need to become whole with yourself. Doing this is not an easy task but you have a foundation! You have a reason that roots in your heart and emotions and helps you grow. Becoming whole, being one with our selves takes love to yourself. You need, you must love yourself, love who you are, what you do and the most important love the reason why you are doing it. Disconnect yourself from what others want from you, forget what is around you, focus on your foundation! Think what makes you happy, build a list of things to do to please yourself. Begin with easy tasks, no need to rush. I learned something very important along my journey in becoming whole. I am a very visual person and I just couldn’t imagine or think of a visual of my happiness. Then this person mentioned this as he was speaking and I finally understood. “Truth self, is without form” Happiness does not need anything to make you happy. What can make someone the happiest? When emotions happen around us. We can find the people around you leaving you, you can see that you are getting alone as year pass and you are feeling that life is losing its sense. This means that you put others before you, means that for years you didn’t care about others and you helped them grow and become independent but you forgot that they were going to leave. Life is a complete cycle. We all need to have our own cycle apart from others, have our center on that cycle. We build or create other cycles tied to that main one, but if we forget about that main one what will be of us. As I said earlier, life is a gift, and opportunity! We grow from it, we develop with it. Take this opportunity to analyze yourself, analyze what are you doing, analyze what do you want, is it really what you want? Take this opportunity to fix things, is never late to turn around. When I was teaching as a professor at college I had a few seniors around the age of 60-70 years old taking classes. At first I didn’t understand why would they do that, why would they go to college at that age. What are they planning to do with the degree? One day I sat with one of them and asked personally. His answer was very determinate… “When I was, young I was stupid, I started a family without being prepared and forced myself to work until I retired. Thinking that I could do what I wanted after I retired I got sick and took me a few years to feel with energies once more. I decided to take a course to keep my mind open and get the energy of the young ones. We learn a lot from them on how to live as old, as while we had that youth life just passed by us and we just couldn’t grasp it.” Shortly after leaning this I had to quit teaching at college due to health complications. I could take this teaching to my heart right before I changed my life and still remember this. That day was the professor the one who learned the most.As life grant us opportunities to learn and grow as day passes we can choose if we learn from them or not. Something very important that you should ask your self will be how does it make me feel?  Does it make me happy? If it does why not?! That is a life opportunity!! Remember “Truth self is without form” no one can show you what can make you happy, only you can determine what does. Look for those things that bring a smile to you, look for the things that you enjoy the most. Never be afraid to start something new, always be optimistic on what you will gain from the new things. Be blessed, and I hope that I could bring some light to your path. I send you a strong hug.

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