Releasing and Living

The reality of things sometimes can seem to be harsh and hard to comprehend, but the reasons and consequences are just a terrifying thing to accept or to commit. Ever since I began my journey in life I had fallen several times, I had cried, screamed and even wanted to end things in the quickest way possible. I had struggle so many times yet I had, somehow, managed to get up. Committing to a cause is something that for some is an easy task but for others like me is one uphill challenge. This journey has been harsh and not so easy to understand. I had got to the point of calling my fears and doubts demons that just haunt our minds. The reality is that those “demons” are created by us. The spins that life had gave me had been more than enough to make me vomit and choke on it, they were without compassion, they were with all the intent, but why?

Walking life is something that is very individual, is something that can fill us with joy and punch us with misery, but on the way, we learned, a lot. Everyone that I had got to listen to their life story is a roller coaster of good and bad things, some of those stories, the roller coaster take a trip under water and very high up. As said before, life can be very individual, but what can change everything is the attitude that we use to get up every day, the attitude that we use to embrace any situation. For me that can change many things. It is not the same to welcome a bad moment with a laugh than welcoming it with a bad temper. It is true that there are moments that things happen when we least expect them, but that is the moment that we need to quickly look for a way to look around them and see how can we fix it. Our brains can either react quickly or just get stuck without being able to look for a solution, sometimes this solution is the stupidest thing ever! Yet our reaction and attitude was very negative and we just block ourselves.

Life grants us the opportunity to choose our way, it is up to us if we want to change some things, and I said some things. There are moments where we make decisions that can compromise our entire life, like a child or getting a tattoo with a tweety bird on your chest. There are events were things can dramatically change our lives, but we can choose how to handle them. I’ll give an example of myself… IF my car suddenly brings a warning light on the dash board and I ignore it, then suddenly the car brakes after several weeks of the warning lights came on I cannot get mad, I just need to look for a way to fix it. I cannot get mad because I saw the light come on weeks ago, and I didn’t do anything. Life sometimes bring warning lights on and we just ignore them or just simple don’t think that are warning lights. Everything starts on how to deal with the little details that are around us. Sometimes we take on the entire world and we forget about us, we forget to take care of ourselves and we are just going on automatic. We need, we must stop that! Otherwise we will fall in a hole and we won’t know how to get out. Everything starts on how you handle your emotions, on how you approach the situations and how quickly can you look for a solution.

Approaching our emotions can be a challenging task since most of the times we just deal with our emotions same as we deal with people entering a store, we greet them as they arrive and we say bye bye on the way out. We let our emotions arrive and do with us whatever they want and we allow it. How we know that we are allowing it? The moment you feel that something is bothering you, the moment that you feel that something is changing and we enter in a denial state. Because sometime we say “nah, it can’t be. This thing or this person don’t know me or this person does not have any idea of what I can do” We either underestimate others and our own emotions. We need to change that and be more aggressive now that we notice that things are different and deal with things as soon as possible. The longer we let those emotions roam around the harder it is to remove it later.

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend and she is a Buddhist practitioner and we were talking about the approach that people have and the emotions that people use on their daily basis and this is what she told me “it is hard to relinquish all that we have been taught and known for so long” Sometimes , we just live thinking that we are under control of our lives but that is the biggest lie to tell to each other every single day. If you can control your emotions, then why are you twisting your sides and panicking just because of a hard moment? It only took one thing to blow you up, the excuse is that we don’t have tolerance, the reality is that they just don’t know how to control their emotions and feelings. The moment you approach them with a hard situation they will just drop it and let someone else deal with it. It is hard to break habits, but it is not impossible. IF we wish to have a better quality of life and psychological stability we need to stop being so stubborn with yourself and do what you need to regain control and order inside your emotions and feelings. Life is one, and we hear many people saying but there are very few that can live by it. Life is only one but we wake up every single day and live as if it were our last one. The next day we wake up we act like “Dammit, the grim reaper didn’t get me last night” We need to fix our heads and focus before we can fix other things in our lives that have great meaning. At this moment you will notice a great change in your actions and you will approach things in a different way.

I love speaking with my Buddhist friend because she says lots of things with a lot of light and clarity. She has been through a change in her life and now she is just a living example of what it is breaking old habits and facing new challenges in life. She is very optimistic and every time I speak with her I try to steal some of her optimism and try to apply it to myself in my own way, because her life experience is completely different to mine. From all our conversations, the last one she said something that also impacted me and I would like to share it with you.” realization of one’s self, our weaknesses, strengths, compassion and resilience is just the beginning of our journey to enlightenment, peace and happiness” It was deep and shocking for me because that is the source to most of my own problems and is my constant war inside my mind, inside my heart. Most of the people carry a mental bag of unnecessary stress, pressures, problems or drama. I say and categorize it as unnecessary because we think about it constantly and it is not even the time to think about it. Sometimes we are spending time with our family and suddenly you start thinking about work, thinking about bills, thinking about stuff that you could be doing, you stop spending time with your family and then later they ask for you to spend time with them because you are always working. This happens in many ways and this drain us or overload our emotions and we are feeling like we want to cry or we feel depressed and we don’t know why. The reality is that we had learned to suppress our emotions trying to be strong always and we forgot to take care of our own.I would like to tell you that taking some time for your self can be of great benefit. Taking some time for you to release completely what you are feeling, cry if you most, scream if you must. Try to make things easier for you. Don’t wait until you feel that you are about to blow up, otherwise releasing will be even harder. Try to give yourself some love!! I could hug you, kiss you and tell you how important it is for me that you get well, that you stand back in your own feet. It is important for me because you are someone of importance and you are vital for my happiness. It might sound selfish but you like to help others and you would do anything for those who you care for. This is my request for you this is what I want. I want you to think at least a bit more about yourself and work with yourself more and more. I don’t know what you think, I don’t know what you feel unless you tell me but something I do can tell you and is that I will always be here for you. I know you had heard this so many times and it probably it might sound more of the same, but I tell you that my intentions and feelings are the genuine. I will always be there for you when you need me. Keep this, share this, read this as many times as you can. Feel the energy, feel my intentions. You will see and notice that all I want is for you to be well, that would make me happy. I love you, I adore you with my life. I send you hugs does not matter where are you standing. Take some time for yourself after reading this and look for what is in your heart. Look for hose things that are causing you to feel unstable and begin to look for solutions, STAND UP B6 YOUR OWN FEET!!!

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