Life is all about struggling for success, but what are the tools to achieve it? I have had a rough encounter where I changed my views of life. It isn’t easy to just say I am well and productive without having some experience in it. There is always something, but why? Here is where we hit the struggle and fall into a dark place in your head. Here i write about getting out of that darkness, here I make my views and opinions on why it happened and now what. Do you care to join me in my journey?

What Amethyst Says

Practicing the art and religion isint becoming a priest or any high rank in the chain of positions. Practicing envolves prayers, personal altars, and meditation, lots of it.

-Celestial Beings Blog: https://cosmicwaybyamethyst.com/2020/10/22/celestial-beings/

The Cosmic Way is diverse and full of enlightenment. Is up to each of us finding in what way does the Cosmic Way work for us. 

-Entering the Cosmic way blog: https://cosmicwaybyamethyst.com/2020/09/21/entering-the-cosmic-way/

Not all of us see the same as we stare at night… What do you see?

-Ties with the Planets Blog: https://cosmicwaybyamethyst.com/2020/10/06/ties-with-the-planets/

Let’s build something together.

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